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Optimal slurry injection and overseeding, maximum yield

In recent decades, knowledge of grass has increased. We know better how a grass plant grows, what its life cycle is & what that grass does in a cow’s rumen. We are able to get much more yield from grass than before thanks to optimal slurry injection technology and innovations in overseeding.

Improved soil knowledge has made us more aware of the need to maintain good soil structure. We can achieve this by minimising the impact on the soil during overseeding and slurry injection. Thanks to Vredo innovations, we are increasingly able to influence this.

The machines have therefore been greatly improved. Vredo has further developed its overseeding technology, which was already very solid, in recent years. Larger working widths, better soil following, more accurate seed and slurry dosing, more accurate sowing depths & a newly developed soil-following disc roller (the Packerring roller) are the innovations we have been able to introduce.

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Yield from production and quality

Whether slurry injection or overseeding, the yield our customers can get from our solutions is what matters most to us. Thanks to several innovations, farmers and contractors can:

  • Perform multiple cuts per year;
  • Extract higher nutritional value from grass;
  • Add herb and clover mixtures.

This not only increases the amount of grass and milk production, but also the quality of milk production. Moreover, the work can be completed in shorter periods.

Thanks to our Tracs, slurry injectors, slicing filters and overseeders, we can optimally serve our customers in their aim to improve and continue the efficiency of their farming operations.

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