World Innovation!

Posté le 22 juin 2017

World Innovation: Vredo inflatable Flex Slurry Tank

Vredo has developed a new special slurry tank for their biggest self-propelled slurry applicator, the 3-axle, 32m3 volume; VT7028-3.

The world innovation is that although this tank is 0.5m smaller, the volume is the same 32m3! This is achieved by a flexible slurry bag on the top of the polyester tank which is automatically filled during the reloading process. The polyester base tank has a volume of 26m3 and the flexible bag 6m3.

Due to this innovation, Vredo has achieved that the VT7028-3 keeps within the 3.00m transport width even with a dribble bar or sliding shoe toolbar up to 30m working width. This is the same transport width as the vehicle itself. With a 36m dribble bar the transport width is 3.40m.

For applying slurry in cornfields , Vredo offers a very good solution. The VT7028-3 with double row-crop tires and the 32m3 tank with wide dribble or sliding shoe bar is the ideal combination to increase capacity and working time in the field.

Vredo’s aim with this innovative patented construction is to increase the versatility of the biggest slurry applicator in the market.

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