Vredo Profi 9.75 DV L

Vredo Profi 9.75 DV L
·Machinenumber: 1025.001
·Year of construction: 2020
·Section Control

·Working width 9,75 meter
·Inter row distance 18,75 cm
·Vredo double V-disc system
·52 pairs of discs
·Mechanic and suspended duo disc elements, free of maintenance
·Duo disc elements are mounted with torsion rubbers to be able to rotate/steer in a small angle  
·Casette seals and double row ball bearings for disc bearings
·Easy to replace wear parts: discs, scraper blocks and steel turf guards
·Pneumatic dropstop
·Equipped with 12V I/O (Black/White) section control, 13 sections of 75cm each
·Open constructed folding frame made out of 5 parts
·Automatic (hydraulic and mechanic) transport safety
·Automatic mechanic operated reflecting disc cover set for safe transport on the road
·1 connection for central greasing of hinge points
·Frame has the possibility to lever in a free way thanks to the fact the hydraulic cylinders of in- and out folding are connected with each other by help of a parallelogram construction
·Parallelogram lever construction is locked in case hydraulic function of folding in is operated (adjustable for headland management)
·Leveling and unlevelling by way of adjusting the length of a special bar in the parallelogram construction
·Meets the requirements of the road transport legislation fort he Netherlands and Germany
·Rear marking
·Registration plate holder incl. lightning
·1x Vogelsang Dosimat DMX 52-40-800 distributor
·Slurry hoses 40mm, for precise distribution
·Stainless steel hose clamps on slurry hoses and rubber slurry outlets
·Transport width bottom: 2,98 m
·Transport width top: 2,66 m
·Height standing on the bottom: 3,92 m
·Weight ca. 2950kg
·LED lightning
·Platform and foldable access steps for Vogelsang distributor
·Demountable counterpart of A-frame
Required connections:
·2x 1/2" In/out folding (open center)
·1x air connection (quick coupler red air brake system)
·2x 3/4" distributor (open center), distributor needs a continuous oil flow of 60L/min
·1x 1/2" pressureless return line
·6” KKV slurry hose connection
·1x connection for central greasing supplied by vehicle.
·1x 16-P Harting HAN plug for section control
GPS guided section control (Trimble) for Profi 9,25m DS L and Profi 9,25m DV L (pneumatic dropstop)

Standard supplied with:
·ISOBUS Controller (+ I/O-module) mounted on injector, suitable for 12 & 24 Volt
·ISOBUS Plug and connection cable (16-P Harting plug is replaced by this ISOBUS Plug)
·6 bar required air pressure
·13 sections, 75 cm each
·Connected with Trimble Geoswitch ISO