Schouten Spider SP12260|HS5100 Draghose

Schouten Spider SP12260|HS5100

·Year of construction: 2017
·Workingwidth: 12.0m
·Number of elements: 30
·Number of discs: 60
·Row-distance: 20cm
·Hitch:3+4 punts Cat3
·Distributor: 2* ExaCut 30/51
·Weight: 2.900kg
·Pneumatic dropstop
·Sectioncontrol; max 12 sections
·127865.3m³ injected

Schouten HS5100

·Year of construction:2017
·Weight: 1.270kg
·Lift reach hitch: 1000mm
·Lift capacity: 4.000kg
·Rotation angle hose coupling: 300°
·Retractable length telescope tube: 1500mm
·Center position telescope tube: Hydr. Autom.
·Electrical control.: CAN-BUS computer
·Hydraulic control.: Load-Sensing
·Hydr. power requirement: 100Ltr/200Bar