Vredo VT4556 Tebbe (Reserved for sale)

Vredo VT4556 Tebbe
·Year of construction Trac: 2019
·Year of construction Tebbe: 2016
·Hours: 355
·Machinenumber: 0120.088
·Tire pressure inflation system
·Trimble DGPS
·EX Demo

·Motor Scania DC 13, 6 cylinder line, 12.7 liter, 331 kW / 450 h.p. water cooled
·EU Stage 4 (T4f) with SCR (Ad Blue) and EGR
·Maximum torque 2275 Nm @ 1250 rpm
·Maximum power 331 kW / 450 h.p. @ 1500 - 1650 rpm
·Powered mechanical-hydraulically stepless 0 - 40 km/h at 1,500 engine rpm, automatically controlled
·Fuel tank approx. 600 liters ( 2 x 300 ltr.)
·Ad Blue Tank 60 liters
·Suspended SuperComfort Claas-Vredo cabin, incl. radio / CD player with bluetooth (with external microphone for phone calls)
·Fully automatic air conditioning
·Operations console fitted to seat incl. joy-stick and touch-screen controller
·Actual information (pressures/ temperatures of the machine) are visible via touchscreen
·Air suspended super comfort Grammer Maximo seat
·Drivers instructor seat
·Electrically adjustable and heated mirrors incl. wide angle mirror
·Cruise control
·Front and back axles are fitted with a mechanical differential lock
·Rear axle constant drive, front-axle shiftable from cab (4 wheel drive)
·Two speed ranges, field range 0-20kmh, road range 0-40kmh
·Equipped with engine break / hill break
·Steering 2 wheel, 4-wheel and crab steer.
·Suspended front axle with level and stabilisation control
·Automatic central lubrication system for basic vehicle with 4L reservoir
·1 closed system pump max 177 l/min, 420 bar for powering Spreaders
·1 closed system pump max 136 l/min, 420 bar for powering Beaters
·1 LS-pump, 170 l/min, 200 bar for external hydraulique
·1 LS-pump, 86 l/min, 200 bar for cooler (and optional TPIS)
·Ext. hydraulic with pressure compensating spoolvalves
·4 Double acting spoolvalves for Tebbe
·Reversing alarm
·Rear camera and LCD-colour monitor with speaker in cabin
·Connection for second camera at the rear of the Trac
·2 Rotating beacons on cabin
·LED headlights in front bumper
·2 LED work lights behind cabin
·2 LED work lights under the cabin
·4 LED work lights in cabin roof
·Compressed air system for cleaning cabin and cooling unit, connection behind cabin on buffer tank and connection next to cooling unit
·Clean water reservoir, 43 Ltr.
·Small storage compartment, 100 Ltr.
·Telescopic ladder for inspection
·Fire extinguisher, 5 kg

Pre-installation for the Tebbe:
·Spreading data storable via USB
·2 Closed loop systems, 140 l/min, 400 bar for the transmission of the beaters and discs.
·Pump pressures of the system are shown on touchscreen terminal
·Vredo Spreader Weight Control System installed

Tyre pressure inflation system by motor compressor 700 ltr/min by 1500 rpm

·Including control from cabin
·2 different settings on display for driving in the field or on the road
·The actual pressure values can be seen on the touchscreen terminal, pressure of front and rear axle displayed separately

·Trimble Autopilot RangePoint RTX (DGPS+) with TMX 2050 Display
·AG25 GNSS Antenna mounted on top of the Cabin
·Complete integrated in Trac steering system
·Crab-steer functionality
·The Trimble use as a standard the Glonass and GPS satellites
·Standard EGNOS signal 0-30 cm precision (absolute 0-2 mtr.)
·Precision with RangePoint RTX (DGPS+) signal 0-10 cm (absolute 0-50 cm)
·Excl. RangePoint RTX (DGPS+) correction signal license
·RangePoint RTX (DGPS+) agreement from supplier (Trimble) to discuss together with customer

·Lenght, inside box: 5.13m, Width inside: 2,30m, Height inside: 1,25m without wooden extensions.
·Type HV100 Heavy duty bedchain
·Duplex drive chain and sprockets for beater drive
·Hydraulic control 3 functions for:  bedchain, dosing gate and backdoor
·Automatic oil lubrication system for beaterdrive chains
·Automatic central grease lubrication for Tebbe box grease zirks fed from Vredo chassis lubrication system
·Polyester claddingbar to protect top of sidewalls
·Polyester cladding to protect topside of beaterbox
·Polyester cladding to protect inside of backdoor
·Prepared for wooden extention
·Complete with fenders, mudguards and LED roadlights, incl. extra LED roadlights at backdoor and rotating beacon
·Box painted in Vredo yellow (Ral 1028)

·Heavy duty subframe for Tebbe box with 6 twistlocks connected to Vredo chassis. Incl. console for tow coupling.
·Mechanical drop-up gearbox to drive the beater- and spreaderdisc system installed in Tebbe frame
·Painted in Vredo yellow (Ral 1028)
·Manual towing hitch 5t, pin 35mm

Tebbe box installed to subframe with 4 heavy duty loadcells of 10.000kg each
·Loadcell signals used to control spreading rate and to count tonnage
·Control terminal installed in cab to operate and control:
*bedchain speed
*dosing gate
*working width
·Data transfer per SD-card or USB-connection
·Weight and control sustem equipped with connections ISO