Vredo VT3936

·Mach. Nr. 0109.035
·Year of manufactoring 2007 (Overhauled in 2021)
·Ca. 6.850 hours
·17m3 tank
·Tyres New

VT 3936 self propelled trac is equipped with:
·Engine Deutz 286 kW / 390 pk watercooled COM II
·Transmission mechanical-hydraulic stepless 0 - 40 kph at 1.500 rpm Engine speed with automatic drive computor
·Fueltank 500 liter
·Suspended SUPERComfort Vredo cab, incl. airco and radio with CD player
·Airsuspended Grammer Maximo supercomfort seat
·Passenger seat (foldable)
·Elektrical adjustable and heated mirrors and wide angle mirrors
·Mechanical differential lock at front- and rearaxle
·Steering Frontwheel-, fourwheel- and Crabsteer
·Suspended frontaxle with automatic levelling and shock absorber
·3-Point double operating linkage at rear, steered, torsion compensated and floating position. Lift capacity 7,8 ton. Active opeated: pressurised, floating or lifted, operated from cab
·Remote contrl for tipping of slurry tank
·Automatic greasing
·1 Closed system hydraulic pump, 150 l/min, 400 bar
·2 LS-Pumps, 160 l/min, 200bar tbv. auxilliary functions, pressure compensated valves
·3 Double operating valves
·Footswitch slurrypump
·Camera- monitorinstallation with LCD colourdisplay and sound
·Reardrive alarm
·2 beacon on cab roof

The tank is equipped with the following as standard:
·Complete construction 4 mm steel
·Light weight (2530kg)
·Tank volume 19 m3
·Tank is easy to clean due to the uniformity of its shape
·Tank is easy to remove
·Airing with vacuum protection
·Pump automatically switches off when full
·Tank can be hydraulically lifted for maintenance

Pump-filter unit PF9000:
·Vogelsang displacement pumpVX186-390QD 9000 l/min with spiral plungers
·Reverse option on slurry pump operated by button in cabin
·Filling at reduced rpm (1,200)
·Cutting filter VREDO FT5100 with dirt ejector, opened and emptied from cabin
·Suction arm 8",  can be swivelled 160°, together with 9000 l/min Vogelsang slurry pump and FT5100 cutting filter on separate removable front unit.
·180° swivelling front-suction connection  6"
·Electric/hydraulic operating
·Dosing independent of driving speed and slurry distribution can be set (e.g. unloading when standing still)
·3 different working widths pre-programmed