Service package VT3936 G 1000 hours 078 till 104 series

Complete 1000 hours service package for the Vredo VT3936 078 till 104 series.
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A-number Description Amount
A884.075 Fuelfilter element 2
A884.027 Fuel prefilter element 1
A884.06 Engine oil filter 1
A884.96 Airfilter outside 1
A884.97 Airfilter inside 1
A881.59 Hydr. oilfilter 1
A881.517 Breather shell for aerating filter 1
A881.516 Gel granule filling de-aeration filter 1
A490.32 Cab filter 2
A884.032 Gasket valve cover 6
A770.60 V-belt dynamo double 1
A445.02 V-belt aircocompressor 1
A490.472 Wiper blade 1
A762.99 Oil sample tube 1