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SSU Umbillical-unit

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Vredo presents the new Profi XL

Placed on 29 July 2021

Vredo Dodewaard has put the first PROFI XL 15 and 18 meter slurry injectors into operation as prototypes. This in addition to the recently available PROFI ECO series with working widths from 5.25m to...

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Vredo SSU

The Vredo SSU is a self-contained unit with a universal slurry injecor connection in the form of a coupling triangle and optional multifaster, which ensures that any type of injector can be used for umbillical slurry technology.
The unit has its own control box and load-sensing hydraulic supply in combination with ISOBUS.

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Umbillical technology with all injectors

Thanks to the new Vredo SSU concept, all slurry injectors up to 18 metres can be used with one coupling. The Vredo SSU thus makes your own slurry injector(s), in addition to its usual applications behind a trailed tanker or self-propelled machine, also usable for umbillical technology.

Compact and practical

Thanks to the compact design and the minimal length increase of 12 cm compared to the length with the standard coupling triangle, the centre of gravity of the combination remains close to the towing vehicle and thus has an excellent weight distribution.

The arm’s pivoting point is close to the towing vehicle. This in combination with a automatic retraction mechanism ensures that the unit is manoeuvrable and easy to steer. Because the pulling point of the arm is at the height of the lower drawbar, there is no weight transfer to the rear during pulling.


The Vredo SSU rotates on 2 articulation points in the arm, which makes it even possible to drive backwards. The supply hose is thereby positioned next to the towing vehicle without causing extreme forces on the supply hose and/or the construction of the umbillical unit. Because the umbillical unit arm swings over the injector, the hose never pulls on the injector itself. Because the supply hose does not obstruct the injecting elements, slurry is applied over the entire working width at the same row distance without compromising the injection effect

Market request

With this umbillical unit Vredo is responding to the increasing demand and desire from the market for a umbillical system in combination with the proven quality of the Vredo slurry injector concept, which brings the manure to the root and also provides the desired nutrigents reduction. An additional major advantage of the Vredo slurry injector technique in combination with the umbillical system is that the manure is deposited in the cut and there is no greasing (and therefore no extra ammonia reduction) by the hose.

Easy to use

The SSU is easy to operate, when lifting the machine onto the headland, the injector automatically
folds up a little and the hose is pulled up. As soon as the tractor is almost straight on the headland the SSU automatically lowers the slurry hose again, so that there is no lateral traction on the tractor.

The last bend of the arm always straightens itself when pre-tensioned, and the main arm can be swung freely under pre-tension, but can also be steered in a desired direction by means of the control lever. The flow meter coupled to the GPS gives you an exact picture of the amount of slurry that is applied.

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* Vredo Dodewaard BV reserves the right to change specifications and designs of products described in this literature without prior notice.
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If your tractor is not ISOBUS prepared, Vredo can optionally supply you with a display and/or a joystick with ISOBUS connection. This allows the operation of the SSU, the reading of the dosage and any section closure to run completely via the Isobus control.

Option camera

To keep an eye on the hose while driving, an optional camera is available.

Option worklight

In order to keep a good view of your work in the dark, worklights are indispensable.

Option fronttank connection

A kit to connect the SSU to your fronttank unit.

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