Why a Vredo slurry injector?

Sharp cutting

With its slurry injector series, equipped with the new solid V-disc or the unique double disc system, Vredo holds the key to sharp cutting. The solid V-disc and the two V-shaped discs make a narrow cut in the turf, which is the same under all soil conditions - clay, peat, loam or sand, whether wet or dry.

The turf is sharply cut by the V-shaped discs and opened horizontally, keeping the root system intact and preventing compaction. The soil also retains an open structure, allowing optimal absorption of the manure. This prevents burning and drying out of the crop. The individually suspended and mechanically sprung elements are fitted with a drag foot to create a tight cut. Together with the unique pendulum yoke to move the outer elements, this ensures perfect ground following. Due to the sharp cutting with minimal compaction, the soil remains elastic and the trench quickly recovers. This means that weeds have little chance of growing in the trench.

The slurry is placed in the cutting area by specially shaped outflow nozzles, which are placed almost between the discs. The V-shaped discs have a cutting and self-sharpening effect. This ensures low power requirements and therefore minimum fuel consumption.

With the Vredo solid V or double disc system, the turf is cut sharply and opened with little compaction. This results in the roots optimally absorbing the nutrients and the turf returning to its original position. The VREDO element = quality!


Sharply incised

Filled with slurry

Slurry absorbed

Compaction free operation

Draught force requirement

According to independent research, the required pulling power of a Vredo slurry injector is the lowest in comparison with other slurry injector principles. Also compared to competing systems such as a knife coulter, a disc coulter and a curved disc, the Vredo slurry injector causes little damage to the soil (i.e. compacting and smearing of the soil). Competitive systems compact the soil because the disc/cutter is pressed vertically into the soil. Because of Vredo’s low compaction action, the soil remains resilient, the trench partially bounces back and weeds get less chance. See the graph below for more information.

Superior contour-following

The key to perfect slurry application is achieved thanks to the action of the DUO fertilizing element suspended at an angle from the frame, combined with the pendulum action of the frame. This cooperation between the two ensures that the Vredo slurry injector continues to fertilise at the same depth on undulating and uneven grassland. Even over a hump, the Vredo continues to follow the ground and thus the slurry is neatly deposited in the trench.

All PROFI and PROFI ECO slurry injectors are fitted with the unique Vredo pendulum mechanism which ensures that the frame can pendulum freely during the injection process, both under pressure and pressure relieved.