Why a Vredo slurry injector?

Sharp cutting

Our slurry injector series are furnished with the unique VREDO Double Disc System, which is the key to clean and sharp cutting. Two durable discs, arranged in a V-shape, create a narrow cut in the sod, consistently under all soil conditions - clay, peat, clay or sand, either wet or dry.

The sod is sharply incised and horizontally opened by the V-shaped twin cutting discs, whereby the  root system remains intact and minimum compaction occurs. Also, the soil maintains its open structure meaning that the slurry is optimally absorbed. Also, burning and drying of the crop is also prevented. The individually suspended and sprung double-disc elements are provided with a drag foot in order to create a keen cut. Together with the unique central pivot, the machine’s wings continue to follow the ground for continuous cutting contact. The sharp incision with minimal soil compaction helps the soil to bounce back quickly along the length of the slot. This gives weeds little chance of growing in the slot.

The slurry is injected into the slot by specially shaped outlet nozzles, which are almost in between the discs themselves. The V-shaped disc-pair not only slices keenly into the sod but also has a self-sharpening action, which has a low draught force requirement, and thus lower fuel consumption.

Thanks to the VREDO double-disc system the sod is sharply incised & opened without causing soil compaction. This results in the sod optimally absorbing the nutrients as well as returning to its original position. The VREDO Double-Disc element = quality!


Sharply incised

Filled with slurry

Slurry absorbed

Compaction free operation

Draught force requirement

The required pulling force of a slurry injector VREDO is, according to independent research, the lowest when compared to other slurry application principles. Compared with competing systems such as a knife- coulter, a coulter disk and a thick disc coulter the VREDO slurry injector causes little damage to the soil (read compaction and smearing of the ground). Competitive systems compact the soil in that the disc / coulter is forced vertically into the soil. Thanks to VREDO’s low-compaction operation the soil remains springy, the slot springs partially closed again and weeds have little opportunity to establish themselves. See chart on the right for more information.

Since the VREDO slurry injector’s required draught force is low, your tractor unit has to work less hard, resulting in lower fuel consumption. The fuel savings can be substantial.

Superior contour-following

Thanks to the operation of the independently suspended fertilizing elements, the heavy-duty coil spring, and the centre pivot, the VREDO slurry injector can also fertilize undulating and uneven grassland.  Even over a mound the VREDO is able to continue following the ground, keeping contact between the cutting discs and the sod, and so continue to inject the slurry neatly in the slots.

Superior contour-following