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The PROFI XL series for self propelled or bigger trailed tanks is the latest slurry injector from Vredo and the first in its class with, in addition to a 15-metre version, also an 18-metre version. Ingenious folding systems make it possible to keep this slurry injector compact. Active pendulum systems ensure the contour following character of the slurry injector. The individually suspended DUO elements ensure that the injector follows the ground contours optimally.

The Profi XL series is available in 15 and 18 metre working widths

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The Profi XL is available in 2 different widths:

  • 15,0 meter (5 parts)
  • 18,0 meter (7 parts)

The newly developed Single Disc, the Solid Disc

Next to Vredo’s trade mark; the double V-disc system, Vredo has developed a single disc as well. On purpose not a curved disc but a hardened sharp V-shaped single disc, so that loser soils like arable land and meadows can be cultivated, without aggressively cutting or clogging the disc. The single V-disc also ensures a remarkable weight reduction The single V-disc is extremely suitable for fertilising pastures on all types of soil. The engineered design gives the single disc the ability to be easily drawn whilst cutting and penetrate a lot easier than the traditional thick disc coulter.

Double disc element (DV)

The unique Vredo double disc system ensures that the ground is cut and opened. The result: minimal fuel consumption and maintenance of an open soil structure.

Single V-disc (DS)

The single V-disc is ideal for fertilizing spring crops such as grain and maize, but of course also for fertilizing sod and stubble land.

Open frame

The high quality steel open frame ensures weight loss, less pollution and easy cleaning.

Innovative fold and unfold construction

The innovative fold and unfold construction ensures, next to stability and force transition, for optimal soil
following and free oscillation in the field. Thanks to the hydraulic cylinders and innovative frame construction, it is easy to create hydraulic tension in a way that the injector can either press or relive tension to adapt to the soil conditions.

The new light weight duo elements

The discs are mounted to a lightweight DUO element. These are maintenance free, mechanically progressive sprung and with that, they guarantee an optimal ground contour-following. By using maintenance free torsion rubbers, the elements are steerable as well. The spring construction, directly set to the frame, ensures a self-correcting soil following element, with a perfect slurry deposit

Duo element V-disc

Duo element Solid disc

Maintenance free elements

The discs from the new PROFI and PROFI ECO series are equipped with maintenance free bearings, which are protected by cassette seals. Periodic lubrication of the double bearings is now history. The other grease and pivot points are being fed by 1 central grease point. The easily accessible open frame and the use of less wearing parts like chains and drop stop clamps ensure a maintenance free slurry injector. For the remaining wearing parts, Vredo has its favourably priced OEM parts available.

Renewed outflow nozzle

The streamlined rubber nozzel is attached very close behind the discs and put the slurry neatly into the slot.

Hydraulic drop-stop (DV/DS -H)

The valves are hydraulically operated. Because the cylinders are mounted high, they are free of manure and dirt. This is a simple, reliable and maintenance-free construction.

Pneumatic drop-stop (DV/DS -L)

The valves are operated by means of air pressure, this allows sectioncontrol.

Central lubrication

The lubrication of pivot points on the injector is provided by the automatic lubrication on the towing vehicle. If the towing vehicle does not have a lubrication system, you can opt for an optional automatic lubrication system.

Vogelsang Distributors

48 holes Vogelsang ExaCut ECQ distributors. Mounted on a ideal height for precise side distribution of the slurry. The distributors hydraulically fold down for a compact transport position.

40mm Slurry hoses

40 mm hoses made for precision depositing slurry, less slurry in the hoses means accurate slurry deposits.

Automatic disc protection

For protection the mechnically automatic retractable disk protectionshields cover the discs of the injector during transport.

Precision injection

The new 40 mm hoses ensure an exact slurry injection and with the help of GPS technology (optionally with NIR sensor or Tare card. The driver determines where to shut off sections. The pneumatic valves can be shut off 2 element pairs, to prevent overlap and over fertilising. The slurry is being deposited where it belongs, near the root of the plant for maximising revenue and durable cultivation.

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Technical specifications

* Vredo Dodewaard BV reserves the right to change specifications and designs of products described in this literature without prior notice.
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ISOBUS GPS sectioncontrol (Profi DV/DS L)

ISOBUS GPS sectioncontrol Profi XL

  • GPS controlled sectioncontrol (Trimble) for Profi injectors (DV/DS L)
  • ISOBUS Controller (+ I/O-module) mounted on injector, suitable for 12 & 24 Volt
  • ISOBUS Plug and connection cable (16-P Harting plug is replaced by this ISOBUS Plug)
  • 6 bar required air pressure
  • Sections of 75 cm each
  • Connected with Trimble Geoswitch ISO

Automatic greasing

Automatic greasing Profi XL

  • Standard Profi XL injector is provided with 1 central lubrication line from the vehicle for lubrication of pivot points and mechanic transport safety
  • In case the vehicle has not the possibility to provide the lubrication, with this option the injector can be equipped with an automatic (time-controlled) grease pump
  • Reservoir capacity 2 kg
  • 12V power supply with separate 3-pin plug


Multifaster Profi Xl

  • Multifaster with 8 connection mounted on Vredo slurry injector
  • Standard quick couplings replaced by multifaster

Support wheels

Support wheels Profi Xl

  • Support wheels for slurry injector left and right
  • This set contains two wheel kits one for left one for right. Both supports have double wheels
  • Complete assembled and mounted
  • Suitable for Profi and Profi Eco injectors

Quick A-frame

Quick A-frame Profi Xl

  • Suitable for CAT 2 and 3 width dimension
  • 6 positions ø32 for toplink
  • 4 positions ø37.5 for linkage
  • Suitable for CAT 3 and 4 ball

4-point connector A-frame

4-point connector A-frame Profi Xl

  • Necessary in combination with 4-point hitch
  • Extra frame at the top of the quick A-frame vehicle part

3-point coupling

3-point coupling Profi XL

  • Suitable for mounting slurry injector in 3-point hitch without Quick A-frame
  • 3 positions ø32 for toplink
  • 3 positions ø37.5 for linkage
  • Counterpart Quick A-frame is replaced by this option

Counterpart for 3-point connector

Counterpart for 3-point connector Profi XL

  • Only the profiles for to use on other machines

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