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With over twenty years of experience in the field of self-propelled Tracs Vredo has developed in the VT4556 a System-Trac of the highest calibre. All the experience of the last two decades have been bundled together into the development and construction of this light, strong and agile Trac. Since the engine and the entire powertrain are mounted between the axles not only is the weight distribution as good as perfect, but its center of gravity is also very low. This vehicle boasts the lowest weight per tyre of all such machines on the market. It also offers the soil the best protection thanks to its causing minimal compaction to the soil.The VT4556 is equipped with 1050/50R32 tyres with a maximum vehicle width of three metres and a very tight turning circle.

By combining an optimum wheelbase, front axle suspension, cabin suspension and active implement suspension the VT 4556 has a level of operating comfort unsurpassed. The operator can, after a long workday both in the field and in road transport, alight the vehicle contented and rested having enjoyed its supremely comfortable workplace. An important contributing factor is that the engine is positioned away from the cabin, which results in very low noise levels.

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VT4556 19500V

The 2 axle VT4556 has a lightweight polyester (GRP) slurry tank of 19,500 liters. The pump/filter-unit with suction arm is located at the front of the machine and is 120° rotatable so that one can work with full visibility. The 9,000 liter/minute rotary-piston pump in combination with the 8-inch diameter suction arm (with an optional turbo supercharger) offers the best possible performance and flexibility under all circumstances. The Vredo Slicing Filter mounted in front of the pump ensures that all large particles are reduced in size and that all foreign objects are filtered out of the slurry. This prevents damage to the pump and protects the entire system from clogging up. The three-point linkage with CAT 3 coupling is automatically steered when the machine is in crab steer.

VT4556 27000Zv

The VT4556 with tank trailer is a three-axle vehicle with a tank of 27,000 litres. This variant, which combines the advantages of a two-axle vehicle with a large tank, is the ideal solution for contractors who really need capacity. Thanks to the construction with a tank trailer a vehicle has been created that is highly maneuverable and that together with a low weight per wheel. This is also the ideal solution when manure is to be transported between farm and field.

VT4556 Solids Spreader

The level and long platform VT4556 provides an excellent place to mount a manure, compost or sludge spreader. The Trac is already prepared for the installation of load cells between the attachment points and the subframe. This allows for optimal spreading and dosage control. The spreader has a capacity of 15m³/20 tons. Thanks to the hydraulic drive the spreader can, at a constant input speed, efficiently create a constant spreading pattern and low fuel consumption.

VT4556 Vinasse

The Vinasse system will fit on the standard chassis of the VT4556 with or without a 3-point hitch. The booms are fitted on a fixed frame or on the 3-point hitch, which is slewable, together with the crab-steer function. In this case the biggest advantage of this system is the position of the booms, that moves them straight over the field when the machine is operated in Crab-steer, which gives the best even coverage of the field.
The booms are 24m (standard) and are designed for high speed application, with a special hydraulic suspension and stabilisation system. Its compact design keeps the transport width within the 3 mtrs, as the only machine in this class.

VT4556 Lime Spreader

In cooperation with MDM, Vredo Dodewaard has equipped its VT4556 chassis with a Lime spreader body. This complements the already existing 19.500 litre slurry tank / 20T Tebbe solid spreader / 17.000 litre Vinasse sprayer or Umbilical body. With this new development the Vredo VT4556 can be offered in 4 different configurations, this makes it an even more versatile machine.

Iniettori per liquami | Veicoli semoventi | Veicoli semoventi con serbatoi di liquami per l'applicazione di liquami

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Model Scania DC13 312A, 13 liter, Stage V
Power 331kW / 450hp @ 1500-1650 rpm
Max. torque 2200 Nm, 1400 rpm
Inhoud tank Diesel 600 liter / AdBlue 60 liter
Speed Forward 0-19 km/h, 0-40 km/h, stepless ( equipped with Cruise Control )
Speed Reverse 0-19 km/h, stepless
Axles RABA steered axles
Transverse differential lock Front and rear axle,engageable
Axle Suspension Front axle hydraulic suspension
Steering Front wheel steering / 4 wheel steering / Crab steer left and right
Service brake Oil immersed disc brakes in the end drive, hydraulically operated
Parking brake Spring-operated dry disc brake on both axle input shafts (on both axles )
Mountainbrakes Mountainbrakes on the engine itself / hydrostatic brakes
Tyres 1050/50 R32, IF1000/55 R32
Hydraulic capacity SauerDanfoss
Load-Sensing, max. capacity and pressure 1x 175 l/min 1x 140 l/min 1x 89 l/min at max. 200 bar
External hydraulic connections 4 double-acting valves with activation adjustment
Closed circuit max. capacity 180 l./min at max. 420 bar
Capacity hydraulic oil reservoir 110 liter
Cooling Independant Rotational speed coolingfan temperature regulation with turnfacility.
Category CAT 2 / width 865 mm / CAT 3 hooks
Hitch capacity At the bottom 56 kN
Implementation Active control with adjustable downwards, lifting and floating 3-point hitch
Steering Left/right steering, automatic in crab steer
Suspension Active implement suspension on the road
Cabin Claas
Suspension Koni shock absorbers sprung cabin
Seats Air suspended Grammer Maximo Super Comfort seat with extra passenger seat
Air conditioning Climatronic air conditioning
Mirrors Electric adjustable & heated mirrors, incl. proximity mirror
Control Touchscreen control, LCD color monitor
Camera, Radio/CD player
Road lights LED
Working lights (cabin) LED
Working lights (vehicle) LED
Slurry application system
Characteristics 9,000 l/min Vogelsang positive displacement pump
Slicing filter Vredo FT5200 slicing filter
Suction arm 8”, 120° rotatable reload arm
Dosing Dosing control via touch screen, speed independent
Tank GRP Slurry tank 19,500 liter / Steel tank up to 27,000 liters in tank trailer
Manure application system Tebbe Wide Area Spreader
Beaters 2 rigid horizontal beaters
Discs 2 spreading discs - 100 cm, 8 blades per spreading disc
Chain Double Rübig chain 100 mm
Content interior dimensions 5.13 x 2.30 x 1.30 m, 14,7 m³ / 20 tons capacity
Machine dimensions
Overall lenght 7.30 m
Overall width 3.00 m
Height (1050 tyres) 3.70 m
Ground clearance 0.45 m
Wheelbase 4.50 m
Turning circle 11.80 m (external)
Basic vehicle 12,800 kg
Total weight (unloaded) Slurry system 19m³ 17,200 kg
Total weight (unloaded) Slurry system 27m³ 22,900 kg
Total weight (unloaded) Manure application system/Tebbe 19,680 kg
Standard equiped with Automatic lubricationsystem SKF
* Vredo Dodewaard BV reserves the right to change specifications and designs of products described in this literature without prior notice.
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Tire pressure change system 

A tire that is too inflated, leaves a deep trial behind. That can damage the crops and the soil structure and besides, it costs more fuel. To prevent this you drive with soft tires on the land. Are you going to drive on the road? Then it’s better to drive with hard tires. By pressing the switch just once, you control the tire pressure from within the cabin, with adjustable hard/soft tire.

Turbo filler with 8” suction arm

A turbofiller provides extra reload capacity. The turbofiller increases the reload time and the slurry has an increased density. The turbine wheel results in the slurry expanding and foaming less. The turbofiller is hydraulic driven.

GPS System / NIR-sensor

In order to keep up with the growing demands and developments in precision agriculture, Vredo Tracs can now be supplied with a GPS system and NIR sensor. In combination with Trimble GPS a Zunhammer NIR sensor and with John Deere a John Deere NIR sensor is fitted. The NIR sensor measures and records the nutrient levels in the slurry, this information can be used in combination with application maps. Ensuring the optimum use of nutrients during application.

Assistant axle

So that during roadtransportation with heavy equipment, you will obey the regulations.



Rowcrop wheels

Rowcrop wheels on 75 cm rowdistance.

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