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Golf clubs are under pressure to keep the course in play continually, which is why it is necessary to overseed greens and tees regularly and rapidly. The course needs to stay qualifying, so the sward needs to stay in an optimum condition Ideally, the operation should be carried out without any disruption to play. The Super Compact meets all these requirements. This machine is capable of depositing fine grass seed such as Bentgrass (Agrostis) at a precise quantity (>3gr/m2) and depth (3/4mm) in the turf. The sharp discs provide surface aeration and the roller ensures that the green is left fast and true. An innovative hydraulic system enables easy adjustment of the sowing depth of the towed machines from 0-20 mm. Even with extreme undulations the machine retains the correct sowing depth. The 3-point design is also extremely maneuverable.

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The Vredo Supercompact is available in five models:

  • DZ 208.035 with a working width of 0.80 meter
  • DZ 212.035 with a working width of 1.20 meter
  • DZ 216.035 with a working width of 1.60 meter
  • DZ 218.035 with a working width of 1.80 meter
  • DZ 222.035 with a working width of 2.20 meter

These overseeding machines are available in two versions: as 3-point or as towed version.

Vredo SUPERcompact cutting discs

Continuous seed distribution

The machine is equipped with a mechanical seed distribution. The mechanical seed distribution is continuously adjustable from 3 to 210 kg per hectare. The seed gets equally spread over the seed-elements and placed in between the discs. Due to this, all the seed gets into the ground.

The capacity of the seed hoppers is 440 liter in total.

Double discs

Vredo double discs

Overseeding is only useful if the seed is sown directly into the soil. The Super Compact Series is therefore also equipped with the Vredo-Double-Disc-System. Only that system guides all the seed into the narrow slot. Every machine is equipped with a compaction roller, that closes the slit and endures good contact between seed and soil. Water and nutrients have thereby easy access to the seed, this guarantees a quick germination and deep rooting of the injected seed. The discs, in a double row, have a row distance of 3.5 cm and are sprung separately, which results in a complete, close and healthy sward without weed. Research has confirmed that the Vredo Overseeding System generates a germination rate of 96%. Because the seeding depth is precisely adjustable from 0 to 25 mm, this high result can be achieved.

VREDO Overseeding principle

Double discs turf guard with close up

  • Double V-shaped discs which make a small cut in the soil.
  • Seed is placed in between the discs.
  • The slit is closed by the compaction roller.
  • Optimal situation for germination: The seed is in contact with the soil and gets the optimum amount of light and air.
  • The seed is protected against weather influences such as frost and birds.

The combination of Double Discs and the spring and turf guard ensures an optimal seeding depth which means the most efficient usage of expensive seed.

Vredo overseeding principle animation

Every seed counts!

Prevent expensive seed waste: Vredo makes every seed count!

The ownership of a VREDO overseeder is an investment that will repay itself in a very short amount of time. By bringing the seed into the ground instead of merely broadcasting it on top of it, you make the best use of your crass seed, which makes your grass lush and green in no time. Other ‘’overseeders’’ are probably cheaper to buy, but are much more expensive in everyday use and in the long run – look at the examples below. Therefore, ask for a VREDO!

1st day of Vredo overseeding

1st day of Vredo overseeding

15th day of Vredo overseeding

15th day of Vredo overseeding

43rd day of Vredo overseeding

43rd day of Vredo overseeding

Yield comparison: Vredo compared with other "Overseeders"

Yield comparison: Vredo compared to other ''overseeders''

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3 Points

Row distance for all types is 3.5 cm
Model Working width (m) Transport width (m) Weight (kg) Capacity (l) Extra weights Total weight (kg) Tractor power (hp)
DZ208.035 0.80 1.02 510 80 8 742 30
DZ212.035 1.22 1.42 660 120 12 983 45
DZ216.035 1.57 1.82 770 160 16 1178 55
DZ218.035 1.78 2.02 835 180 18 1308 75
DZ222.035 2.13 2.42 945 220 22 1502 85


Row distance for all types is 3.5 cm; T-Indication stands for towed version
Model Working width (m) Transport width (m) Weight (kg) Capacity (l) Extra weights Total weight (kg) Tractor power (hp)
DZ212.035T 1,22 m 1,42 m 910 kg 135 ltr 12 1186 30 pk
DZ216.035T 1,57 m 1,82 m 1015 kg 180 ltr 16 1387 45 pk
DZ218.035T 1,78 m 2,02 m 1085 kg 200 ltr 18 1500 55 pk
DZ222.035T 2,13 m 2,42 m 1195 kg 220 ltr 22 1695 65 pk
* Vredo Dodewaard BV reserves the right to change specifications and designs of products described in this literature without prior notice.
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Tow bar DZ on wheelkit

Tow hitch on wheelkit - K50

Tow bar K50 with 19 mm pen, ball coupling K50 and electric light kit connection

Weight carrier DZ 222.03.5

Weights carrier

Attention: Weight carrier is not applicable in combination with platform

Weight block

20 kg cast iron, perfect and safe fitting on Vredo weight carrier

Preparation kit for weight blocks DZ 208.03.5

Preparation For Weights

Auxiliary frame and weight carrier to be fit on 3-point linkage machine, max. weights: 18

Brake DZ Super Compact

Hydraulic brake system

Hydraulic brake system

Ball coupling K50

Ball Coupling K50

Machine side. Suitable for safe road transport and for work on strongly undulating surfaces.

Ball coupling K50 with locking system

Ball Coupling K50 + Locking System

Tractor part. Kit must be mounted order welded on tractor. Ideal for safe road transport and for work on strongly undulating surfaces.

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