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After releasing their very first overseeder in 1976, Vredo Dodewaard is now ready to introduce its fifth generation DZ5 overseeders. In recent years, a great deal of hard work has gone into developing...

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The Turf Fix series is the most compact overseeder with the double disc system with just 35 row spacing. The expert for a landscape gardener and green keeper allowing professional overseeding of the smallest lawn. Pulled behind a ride-on mower or carried by a small agricultural tractor. Beautifully built to play big.

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Seed dosage Disc diameter Element Skid foot
Stepless 3 to 190 kg/ha Ø 150 mm Low maintenance with steel scraper 0-20 mm sowing depth Adjustable
Front support wheel Tyre roller with lawn profile Calibrating
Adjustable 4 or 6 tyres 13x6.5-6 Calibration table, removable from side calibration tray

Type Turf-Fix GPS Working width (cm) Transport-width (cm) Row spacing (mm) Volume of seed hopper (l) Weight (kg.)
65(T) 63 78,3 35 42 180
95(T) 98 113,3 35 66 240
Type Turf-Fix Recommended 20kg weights Tractor power Dimensions lxbxh (cm)
65(T) 6(300) 20/15pk 80.9x78.3x85.5
95(T) 10(440) 25/20pk 80.9x113.3x85.5

(T) Wheel set and drawbar assembly, 27 kg extra weight and adding 63.5 cm to the machine’s length

* Vredo Dodewaard BV reserves the right to change specifications and designs of products described in this literature without prior notice.
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Draw bar assembly

The DZ5 Turf-Fix can be equipped with a drawbar set, with which the Turf-Fix can be pulled by vehicles without a hitch.

Adapter plates Cat1 quick hitches

The DZ5 Turf-Fix can be equipped with adapter plates for Cat1 hooks.

Trailer coupling 50k

The DZ5 Turf-Fix can be fitted with a 50k trailer hitch

20 kg suitcase weights

The DZ5 Turf-Fix is prepared for 20 kg weights as standard.

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Pieter-Teunis Hoogland

Senior Area Sales Manager Overseeding technology
+31 (0) 6-53471450


Anne van Engelen

Area Sales Manager Overseeding technology
+31 (0) 6-30994770


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