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Agri Series

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The Vredo Agri Series is famous in the global agricultural sector. This machine is a direct descendant of the very first overseeder, built in 1976! In the course of years there have been a great number of developments and improvements  on the machine, including a highly accurate mechanical seed distribution system and progressive spring guards. This robust but precise machine is very suitable for dairy farmers and agricultural contractors, to provide the fields with lush grass in the spring, after the first cut or in the autumn.

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The Vredo Agri Series is available in two models:

  1. DZ 225.07.5, with a working width of 2.5 meter
  2. DZ 229.07.5, with a working width of 2.9 meter

These overseeding machines can be equipped with a smooth roller or a special packer ring roller, for following undulations on rough, stony surfaces. The two sections pivot and every pair of discs is separately suspended, which results in the machine being able to follow undulating land accurately.

Vredo Agri 2.5 meters

Vredo Agri 2.9 meters

Continuous seed distribution

Agitator and seed hopper

Seed distribution system with hectare counter

The machine is equipped with a mechanical seed distribution. The mechanical seed distribution is continuously adjustable from 3 to 210 kg per hectare. For very small (clover) or very large (grain, barley) seeds and quantities, special cam wheels are available. The seed gets equally spread over the seed-elements and placed in between the discs. Due to this, all the seed gets into the ground. The seed hopper can be filled even more easy via a (optional) standing platform.

The capacity of the seed hopper is related to the working width of the machine:

  • The 2.5 meter machine has a seed hopper with a capacity of 250 liter.
  • The 2.9 meter machine has a seed hopper with a capacity of 290 liter.  

Double discs

Vredo double discs

Overseeding is only useful if the seed is sown directly into the soil. The Agri Series is therefore also equipped with the Vredo-Double-Disc-System. Only that system guides all the seed into the narrow slot. Every machine is equipped with a compaction roller, this guarantees a quick germination and deep rooting of the injected seed. The pairs of discs have a row distance of 7.5 cm and are sprung separately, which results in a complete, close and healthy sward without weed. Research has confirmed that the Vredo Overseeding System generates a germination rate of 96%. Because the seeding depth is precisely adjustable from 0 to 25 mm, this high result can be achieved.

VREDO overseeding principle

Double discs with turf guard close up

  • Double V-shaped discs which make a small cut in the soil.
  • Seed is placed in between the discs.
  • The slit is closed by the compaction roller.
  • Optimal situation for germination: The seed is in contact with the soil and gets the optimum amount of light and air.
  • The seed is protected against weather influences such as frost and birds.

The combination of Double Discs and the spring and turf guard ensures an optimal seeding depth which means the most efficient usage of expensive seed.

Vredo overseeding principle animation

Grass yield



1ste dag Vredo doorzaaien - doodgespoten gras

1st day Vredo overseeding

14th day Vredo overseeding

31th day Vredo overseeding

Yield comparison: Vredo compared with other "Overseeders"

Yield comparison: Vredo compared with other "Overseeders"

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Row distance for all of the models is 7.5 cm; the seeding depth can be set with the toplink.
Model Roller Working width (m) Transport width (m) Contents (l) Weight (kg) Tractor Power (hp)
DZ225.075 Smooth 2.47 2.69 250 1240 80
DZ225.075 Packer 2.47 2.69 250 1970 90
DZ229.075 Smooth 2.85 3.00 290 1410 90
DZ229.075 Packer 2.85 3.00 290 2205 100
* Vredo Dodewaard BV reserves the right to change specifications and designs of products described in this literature without prior notice.
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Scraper packerring roller 2.5 meters

Ingeniously clever scraper to keep every packerring individually clean, even under wet and difficult conditions. To be fitted upon DZ 225.07.5 Agri & DZ 325.07.5 Agri Air with packer rings.



Platform DZ 225.07.05

Strongly advised to fit if packer rings are used. Easy and safe filling of machine.

Second hectare counter 16T

Second hectare counter 16T, among other thing ideal for renting out the machine.

Hill plates DZ 225.075

Demountable plates to improve the seed dosage on slope

Stone protection

To avoid getting stones, clods and crop residues in between discs.

Element protection cover

Cover between roller- and seeding elements. This keeps the discs clean and dry.

Preparation kit for weightblocks

DZ 225.07.5 / 325.07.5 max. weights 22

Weight block

20 kg cast iron, perfect and safe fitting on Vredo weight carrier.

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