Overseeders Grassland

Slurry injectors


The Profi series for self-propelled and larger trailed tanks in single or double-disc principle, with both hydraulic and pneumatic Drop-Stop.

Available working widths:
7.5 metres to 18.0 metres.

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Profi Eco

Thanks to its low weight, universal coupling options and compact dimensions in transport position, the Profi Eco is always a good match.

Available working widths:
5.25 metres to 7.5 metres.

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VT4556 SlurryTrac

The Vredo Tracs are characterized by a relatively low weight. This gives the great advantage that the Vredo vehicle has a very low ground pressure. The Crab Steer makes the Trac special field-ready. The Vredo Tracs can therefore also work on soft ground. The compact design makes the vehicle highly manoeuvrable and versatile. Truly a comfortable "multi-functional" vehicle.

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VT7138 SlurryTrac

Vredo introduces the new VT7138 Self-Propelled Trac; the trendsetter in the slurry application market. Thanks to its enormous capacity, using the most modern precision farming techniques, the VT7138 is unique in its class.

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Umbillical slurry technology