VT7028-3 with Beet transport box

Placed on 21 November 2018

The first Vredo VT7028-3 is equipped with a Beet transport box

In cooperation with HAWE, Vredo Dodewaard has developed a Beet transport box for its biggest selfpropelled; the VT7028-3, which is normally equipped with a 32,000 litre slurry tank.

The six-wheel drive and steered machine with 900/60R42 Tyres, is the optimal machine for efficient field transport. Because of its 687HP drivetrain and Vredo CVT transmission. Vredo has recently delivered its first 2 Beet transport boxes to contractors in East Germany. The Beet transport box is mounted on the chassis of a VT5518-3, but also fits on a VT7028-3. The box is anchored on six twist lock points on the machine and is tippable for maintenance. Therefore, the VT7028-3 has become even more versatile. Not only solids and slurry spreaders, but also beet transport.

The biggest advantage is that the season for this machine is lengthened. After the slurry season is over, you simply detach the pump filter unit and slurry tank and install the Beet transport box. Normally a machine goes into storage in the autumn, but now the machine is usable for several extra months.  

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