Vredo wins at the Gala Bau

Placed on 26 September 2016

Last Wednesday, 14th of September, Vredo Dodewaard has won the Innovationsmedal at the GaLaBau in Nürnberg, with the Vredo Sport equipped with the DDS System.

With the so called dual Depth/Dosage System (DDS) two kinds of grass seed quantities can be set separately by using two gearboxes (for every seed box one) That makes it possible to sow two kinds of grass in one pass. For example English Ryegrass (Lolium) and Common Meadow-grass (Poa Pratensis) English Rye grass is big and is germination by temperature. Poa Pratensis is much smaller and needs light to germinate. By sowing the Common Meadow-grass seperately from the English Ryegrass on the correct depth and in the right quantity in the soil, the Common Meadow-grass germinates quicker and increases in quantity. This makes a playing surface much stronger (more Rhizomes in root zone) and is longer lasting during wintertime. 

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