Vredo presents the new Profi XL

Placed on 29 July 2021

Vredo Dodewaard has put the first PROFI XL 15 and 18 meter slurry injectors into operation as prototypes. This in addition to the recently available PROFI ECO series with working widths from 5.25m to 7.5m and the PROFI series with working widths from 7.5m to 12m.

With the addition of 15 & 18 meter Profi XL, Vredo completes its slurry injector range. Besides the fact that it has the widest and most innovative slurry injector on the market at 18 metres, Vredo can now optimally serve its customers with all desired working widths of slurry injectors. The market demand to be able to respond more flexibly to tramlines and spray track cultures, in combination with increasingly lower applications per hectare and precision application, has led to the development of a completely new Vredo slurry injector range. The complete line is therefore ready for the future and is the new standard in slurry technology.

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