The 1000th 229.07.5 Vredo overseeder has been delivered!

Placed on 13 April 2023

The 1000th Overseeder in the Agri 229.07.5 Series – Not Just a Milestone

Anyone who invests in a Vredo overseeder invests in a high-quality machine that is known in the market as very stable in value. Even more important is the result obtained with the use of a Vredo overseeder. Many scientific tests and experiences of end users prove that the use of a Vredo overseeder forms the basis of a healthy and strong lawn or a healthy and nutritious grassland. And that since the first overseeder was developed in 1976.

Since the start of the production of overseeders at Vredo, many thousands have been produced and are sold worldwide. In 1986 the 1000th Agri overseeder was sold. And with an annual production of around 600 overseeders at the moment, across all series and models, various milestones will be reached in the near future.

In April 2023, Vredo Dodewaard produced and sold the 1000th 229.07.5 agricultural overseeder. A milestone that we like to reflect on together with our employees, the craftsmen and women who make it possible to build our machines every year with attention to quality.

Vredo overseeders through the years – The basis of success

In 1976 Ben de Vree produced the first self-developed machine. An overseeder, which was given the name Vredo (Vree Dodewaard), with the aim of still being able to carry out good maintenance in dry and hard grassland despite the record drought of that year. At the end of the eighties, the principle of the overseeder also formed the basis for the development of Vredo's slurry injector.

The very first overseeder had no name or serial number and did not know the colors with which Vredo has become known. They were colored red & blue and compared to the current generation of overseeders simple in design. Robust and strong and with an iron handle you could operate a slide that determined the size of the hole through which the seed had to fall. The seed was distributed by a shaft fitted with brushes. The principle of a double disc between which the seed fell, which was cut into the bottom, was decisive for the success of the machine, then and still is today. And all that in the standard size of 2 meters.

After this first machine, several improvements were made over the years:

- DZ1 – Era 1977 – 1983, based on the primal overseeder, as it was conceived in 1976. The standard working width was then already 2 meters and the color red & yellow was introduced.

- DZ2 – Launched in 1983 and features a cam wheel and other major improvements to the metering mechanisms for higher accuracy. In addition, the working width has been extended to 2.5 metres, with a disc spacing of 10 cm

- DZ3 – Introduced in 2005 and enriched with improvements such as adjustable planting depth, even finer metering and a narrower disc arrangement (7.5 cm). In addition, this is the first generation that can be supplied with extra options and in a working width of 2.9 metres

- DZ4 – The current generation of agricultural overseeders from Vredo, in production since 2011

The overseeders were optimized for the last time in 2011. The Agri Twin was introduced that year, and the Agri Air again 2 years later. Both belong to the DZ4 generation and are equipped with a pneumatic drive and seed metering.

The Agri Air has working widths of 2.5 and 2.9 metres, the Agri Twin goes further to 4.4 and 5.8 metres. This larger working width automatically means that the distribution arms can and must be folded in when they are on public roads.

Fine Turf overseeders – More attention to the fine work

An important step over the years was the introduction of the Turf series, a series of machines specially developed for use on sports fields, parks, gardens and golf courses, for example.

Characteristic of the Turf series, in addition to the name of, for example, the 'Sport' and the 'Super compact', is the use of 2 rows of discs one behind the other, so that the mutual distance between the slots can be reduced. While the Agri overseeders work with a disc spacing of 7.5 cm, the Fine Turf machines have a distance of 3.5 cm and the sowing depth can be set between 0 and 20 mm. This ensures a more compact turf and therefore a tighter and firmer lawn or sports field. Ideal for intensive use when playing and exercising.

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