GADS Maskinstation from Denmark invests in the biggest and most powerful self-propelled machine in the world

Placed on 15 March 2017

Vredo has put the first VT7028-3 for Denmark into operation at the beginning of this week.

This Vredo is equipped with the special developed loadingarm with turbofiller to load from open silos. The Vredo VT7028-3 is able to load 32m3 in 2.25 minutes.
The machine is equipped with Mitas 1250/50 R32 tires, to achieve the lowest compaction, which makes it possible to drive on 1.2 bar.

The Vredo 7028-3 is the biggest and most powerful self-propelled slurry machine in the world, with the fastest loading time and lowest ground pressure. That is why Vredo is the best in the field!

Vredo wishes Gads Maskinstation good luck with the new machine.

On the picture: Maarten Lerink from Vredo Denmark, Hans de Vree; owner and MD of Vredo, together with Anders Gad; company owner Gads Maskinstation, and Ole Hansen from Gads Maskinstation, at the official handover of the machine.

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