Facelift Vredo overseeders

Placed on 27 June 2016

Vredo has given its last generation Overseeders a complete make over. The lid and the rear of the seed hopper have lovely round shapes now. Led lights and striping give the machine a sturdy appearance.

De transformation isn’t limited to its exterior, functionally the machine is also improved. Because of the new curves of the seed hopper, the seed finds its way towards the cam wheel more easily. On the gear box, with which also the seed dosing is set, a new spindle adjustment was made, which is to calibrate the machine easier and also allows more accuracy.

The lid chains are replaced by cleverly placed gas springs which allows the lid to close simply and smoothly. For protection of the agitator shaft a seed grill will be an option. This also serves as a sieve to take out straw etc. from the seed.

The Agri Serie calibration tray is now divided in 2 for easy handling.

With this facelift in appearance and function, Vredo remains to be leading in precision Overseeding. The first new models, including the Vredo Sport with the DDS System are being delivered, the other models will follow shortly.

Vredo Agri

Vredo Sport

Vredo Sport towed

Vredo Supercompact

Vredo Supercompact towed

Vredo Compact

LED lights

Gas spring


Option seed grill

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