Corona measures Vredo Dodewaard BV

Placed on 18 March 2020

Dear Customer,

At this moment we are all dealing with the outbreak, preventive measures and consequences regarding the Corona virus, as you all will be aware of. We as Vredo Dodewaard BV, feel it as our obligation to contribute to the measures being taken in order to prevent further spreading of the virus for the safety of our and your employees. We therefore follow the guidelines of our government.  

The measurements we have taken could affect our usual way of interaction regarding service, education and sales. Underneath you will find these measures

Measures Service “determined at this moment” until the 6th of April

Our service department will only visit in cases of urgent matters, which cannot be resolved by our helpdesk or local service dealer by telephone. If so, we ask you to avoid personal contact as much as possible.

Prevention (maintenance) visits will be postponed until further notice

Commissioning machines will be discussed with the appointed Vredo employee, following the measures above.

Measures Sales “determined at this moment” until the 6th of April


Until the 6th of April 2020, no direct parts sales will be handled at our warehouse. Ordering will take place by e-mail parts@remove or by telephone, after which these goods can be shipped to a location of your choice.

Our sales representatives will “until the 6th of April” determine together with Vredo management if and how house visits will be made. They will keep you updated about measures being taken. We urge you to contact our sales representatives preferably by telephone or Video conference. 

Planned visits to our factory for educational purpose, demos or product inspections will be cancelled at least until the set date. Of course, we will be available by telephone or by e-mail for questions regarding propositions, demo’s and any other questions you may have.

Physical contact will be avoided at all costs. No hands will be shaken and please mind periodical hand cleansing.

Because of the uncertainty of further government measures and the effects it can have on our daily business activities regarding contact, delivery of our machines, parts and services, we will keep you updated on the extra measures we might have to take.

We ask for your understanding and trust that we will take the needed steps in order to control and prevent the spreading of the Corona Virus.
Vredo Dodewaard BV,

Hans de Vree


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