Placed on 5 April 2022

We are there!

Vredo introduces, the new VT5536

Placed on 11 March 2022

New Vredo Trac VT5536Vredo introduces the completely new VT5536 self-propelled for season 2022.Almost 30 years of experience with 4-wheel steering has been brought together in a newself-propelled...

Vredo @Terres en Fetes 2022

Placed on 8 March 2022

1er salon agricole au nord de Paris, Terres en fête, est LE rendez-vous agricole des Hauts-de-France !

Vredo DZ5 Series: Completely new seeding line

Placed on 2 March 2022

After releasing their very first overseeder in 1976, Vredo Dodewaard is now ready to introduce its fifth generation DZ5 overseeders. In recent years, a great deal of hard work has gone into developing...

Vredo Gülle-Tour

Placed on 26 October 2021

Vom 11. bis 30. November 2021 veranstaltet Vredo die "Vredo Gülle-Tour" an 5 verschiedenen Standorten in Deutschland.

Banenavond Vredo

Placed on 17 September 2021

Donderdag 23 september organiseert Vredo Dodewaard bv een Banenavond.

Vredo presents the new Profi XL

Placed on 29 July 2021

Vredo Dodewaard has put the first PROFI XL 15 and 18 meter slurry injectors into operation as prototypes. This in addition to the recently available PROFI ECO series with working widths from 5.25m to...

BIG Vredo News

Placed on 9 July 2021

BIG Vredo News is coming!Stay Tuned!

Vredo tips voor succesvol doorzaaien.

Placed on 22 April 2021

De temperaturen stijgen, zaaien maar!

New Area Salesmanagers

Placed on 29 March 2021

Vredo Dodewaard B.V. would like to introduce two new employees.

De nieuwe Vredo SSU

Placed on 1 March 2021

Onlangs heeft Vredo haar sleepslangunit (SSU) geproduceerd en als proto-machine in bedrijf gesteld. Een opzichzelfstaande unit met een universele bemester aankoppeling in de vorm van een...

Vredo presents the new VT7138

Placed on 11 November 2020

Vredo introduces the new VT7138 Self-Propelled Trac

Teaser introduction VT7138

Placed on 30 October 2020

A taste of the new VT7138

Vredo online exhibition

Placed on 15 September 2020

Vredo will soon be presenting its online exhibition


Placed on 7 July 2020

In Nederland en omliggende landen wordt volop demo gereden!

Gewijzigde openingstijden

Placed on 29 May 2020

In verband met 2e pinksterdag....

De Vredo ZB4 Contractor maakt meters

Placed on 18 May 2020

Veel kuubs zijn inmiddels uitgereden met de nieuwe ZB4 Contractor van Vredo.

Corona measures Vredo Dodewaard extended

Placed on 1 April 2020

Following the government, Vredo has extended the Corona measures untill the 28th of Aprilsee underneath for these measures

Corona measures Vredo Dodewaard BV

Placed on 18 March 2020

The measurements we have taken could affect our usual way of interaction regarding service, education and sales.

Uitlevering mesttechniek verloopt voorspoedig

Placed on 4 February 2020

Ze staan weer te trappelen.....