The beginnings of the company go back to 1947. At that time Mr. B de Vree, a farmer’s son, started an agricultural contractors business. The activities were diverse and machines where often adapted to the specific demands of the heavy clay soils of the local area. The adaption of existing machinery changed, in the course of time, slowly into the development of new machines. The agricultural contracting business changed therefore more and more into an engineering company and later into a fully-fledged factory.

In 1976 de Vree introduced a completely self-developed machine, it was the Vredo Overseeder. At the end of the 80’s the same double disc principal was used for the development of the unique Vredo Slurry Injectors.

In 1989 Vredo mounted a slurry tank on top of a Horsch three wheel self-propelled flotation vehicle. This was Vredo’s first foray into working with self-propelled vehicles. Since 1994, Vredo produces and engineres the self-propelled vehicles entirely in-house.

From an article in the newspaper in 1980: ‘‘Ben de Vree, inventor of the overseeder’’